NCMF 2024 Proposal


Projection Dome

Audio/Visual Projection Dome Installation. Occupying a 30-foot geodesic dome, the installation utilizes a multi-projector system for 360° projection mapping. Featuring Live-mixed visual animations, an animated digital art gallery, and the interactive Space Dome experience

Footprint: 35ft x 50ft
Power Requirements: 1x 120v/20a Circuit

Chris Dyer Mural

Large 16ft x 8ft Mural painted for the event by Chris Dyer and Projection Mapped by our team.

Chris’ exploration of inner worlds and ability to juggle mediums, styles and themes has made him stand out in the different art movements he is part of. Because of the quality in Dyer’s work, it has already been exhibited in successful solo and group shows in galleries and museums around the world.

Footprint: 16ft x 6ft x 8ft (LWH)

Power Requirements: 1x 120v/20a Circuit

Water Hologram

Hermetic Productions has been the leader of festival hologram installations since they broke into the scene in 2015 while providing the mesmerizing lake hologram at Suwannee Hulaween.

This particular installation is their indoor water screen, an 8 foot wide hologram that sits in a self-contained enclosure of water with a pump and custom sprayer system that makes the magic work. Included is a high powered projector and custom visuals to complete the effect.

This installation is sure to increase social media exposure, as soon as people see it, their phones come out immediately. It’s also a fantastic logo display, where sponsor logos can appear to float in midair and rotate in 3D.

Footprint: 15ft x 8ft
Power Requirements: 1x 120v/20a Circuit

Metanoia Art Installations

4 Installations by the Metanoia Art Crew:

The DreamScreen: a 16ft wide by 10ft tall installation that features funky 2D shapes cut on a CNC machine, each fitted with RGB LEDs that create a mesmerizing light show. But The DreamScreen is more than just a light show. With the help of a Kinect camera, the installation picks up participants and projects them onto a screen. As you move in front of the screen, you’ll be transformed into a glitchy, trippy version of yourself, surrounded by kaleidoscopic effects that respond to your movements.:

Meta Portal: an interactive art installation that transports you to a world of light and color. The Meta Portal offers endless opportunities for creative play and self-expression. Don’t miss your chance to capture unforgettable photos in front of this mesmerizing installation.

LumaPrism: an extraordinary interactive art installation. This large pyramid, crafted as an infinity mirror, captivates participants with its infinite reflections and unexpected reactions.

They/Them: an art installation that challenges gender norms and celebrates diversity. Three distinct faces, representing varying genders, adorned with vibrant LEDs, illuminate the space, inviting contemplation on the fluidity of identity. Surrounded by lush plants, this immersive experience beautifully captures the nuanced, ever-changing nature of gender, encouraging reflection and dialogue on the multifaceted spectrum of human expression

23ft Hammock Dome

A geodesic hammock lounge equipped with Shadowcaster Lamp and 8x hammocks. A great spot to lay down and watch the laser show through the geometric structure.

Footprint: 23ft x 23ft


Package A

Includes: Projection Dome

Cost: 30GA + 15 VIP Tickets

Package B

Includes: Projection Dome, Water Hologram, 23ft Hammock Dome

Cost: 40GA + 20 VIP Tickets

Package C

Includes: Projection Dome, Water Hologram, 23ft Hammock Dome, Chris Dyer Mural

Cost: $6000 + 40GA + 20 VIP Tickets

Package D

Includes: Projection Dome, Water Hologram, 23ft Hammock Dome, Chris Dyer Mural, Metanoia Installations

Cost: $12000 + 40GA + 20 VIP Tickets